Note: The last post of information to this site was on May 6, 2016.

You can now reference any prior 49ers show results from 2010 up through the end of 2015.
The entry for the 49er's Show Archives has been added to the menu on the left.

49ers 2016 T-Shirt logo
49ers 2016 T-Shirt logo (click to enlarge)

Here is the new 49ers Saddle Club t-shirt logo for 2016!!
Thank you Judy Whaley for getting this design put together.

Saddle club dues will remain the same for 2016. Here is the 2016 membership form.

Play nights will be free for 2016 for members $5.00 for non-members

Following is the tentative schedule for 49er's Saddle Club Arena for 2016:

Barrel racing 2016:
Weekend afternoon Series $100 added money plus prizes
All races approved by BRN-4D
Time only starts at 11:00, Open Race starts sharply at 1:00 PM
Dates follow:
April 24th Sunday
May 14th Saturday
June 18th Saturday
July 10th Sunday
August 6th Saturday
August 26th Friday night
August 28th Sunday
September 5th Monday
October 8th Saturday

Barrel and Pole Series 2016:
Thursday nights. All races approved by BRN-4D. Buckles awarded to winners at the end of the series.
June 9th
June 23rd
July 14th
July 28th
August 11th
August 18th

June 11th

Come join the 49ers Saddle Club - the oldest club in Idaho, family membership, youth, or senior, get riding privileges, use our round pen.

Officers 2016:

President: Don Cook 208-746-5134
Vice President: Nicci Huffaker 208-582-0308
Secretary: Jamie Canning 208-791-7707
Treasurer: Lisa Hawkins 509-780-1828
3 Year Director: Annie Mushlitz 208-798-9303
2 Year Director: Mike Cardwell 208-816-2578
1 Year Director: Sharon Peterson 208-743-8190

Appointed Chairman 2016:

Club House Rentals: Patty Triplett 208-305-6406
Pasture Rental: Becca Koenig 208-553-6030
Reader Board: Sharon Peterson 208-743-8190
Cook Shack: Sharon Peterson 208-750-6078
Trail Boss: Sharon Peterson 208-750-6078
Sign Boards: Renee Riggers 208-791-5766
Audit of Books: Lisa Hawkins 509-780-1828
Omoksees: Anne Mushlitz 208-798-9303
Arena Directors: Don Cook and Tracy Dahl -Don 208-746-5134 Tracy 208-791-1993
Barrels: Renee Riggers 208-791-5766